16 years and counting.  Yes, today I celebrate 16 years of marriage.

16 years ago, I donned the traditional red color, gold jewelry and had henna that covered my arms up to my elbows!!

But the ONE thing that anyone has EVER commented on every time they saw my wedding pictures including the one above, was my flawless complexion.  Would you believe it that my makeup, although done professionally, was minimal?  I did NOT want to look like a caked up doll and worry about my makeup running all over the place in the heat of summer!

The funny part was that the woman I had initially hired to do my makeup, Jyoti, ended getting shingles days before my wedding!!  I know, I was in tears.  With everything that was already going wrong, I did not want to hear this.  So she offered to send in a friend in her stead who apparently charged a lot more to do bridal makeup.  But since this was certainly not my fault, her friend Sheila, decided to do my makeup for the same price.

However, price was not my only concern!  My BIGGER concern was whether Sheila was going to do my makeup the way I wanted, which was just light coverage.  I did NOT want to touch my face and come away with streaks of makeup on my fingers instead!  Get the picture?  Anyway, long story short, Sheila did a great job!  I still get compliments that I still look just as I did 16 years ago.

But do you know what the REAL secret behind that is?  It is caring for my skin and keeping it flawless.  Of course I have aged 16 years, but people are shocked to hear I am a mother of 3 kids and my oldest is in high school!!

So, here are my 3 simple tips to incorporate so you too can have a flawless complexion!


  • Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  I cannot stress how important this is to keep your skin regenerating new cells!  My absolute favorite?  ENHANCEMENTS Micro-dermabrasion Paste $70**.  You can read more about what some other people have to say about this paste here, here and here.Microderm


  • Use Sunscreen.  SPF yourself EVERY DAY.  As summer temperatures heat up, Rodan + Fields has you covered from head to toe with broad spectrum sunscreen products designed to do double duty – protect your skin from the sun and address your unique skin concerns.spfyourself

Find out which of these products are best suited for you by answering a few questions about your unique skin concerns.  Make sure you get the results emailed to yourself for future reference.

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Ok.  GIVEAWAY time!

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