Clear, radiant-looking skin has always been a sign of youth and vitality. And let’s face it—looking good also means feeling good. If you’re excited to get a natural, healthy-looking glow again, EXFOLIATION is the perfect complement to any skincare regimen.

Exfoliating regularly is essential because it gets rid of dulling, dead skin cells to allow younger, healthier-looking cells to surface. It also preps skin for the products that follow by removing dry, dead skin cells that can create a barrier to your moisturizer or make other skincare ingredients less effective. To optimize the results you see with your daily regimen, make sure you are exfoliating at least once a week.

Everyone has a different skin type, so it’s important to find an exfoliation product that fits your personal needs. Our products are for men and women – everyone has skin, right?

Looking for an oil-free exfoliator for sensitive or acne-prone skin? ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is an oil-free formula that combines salt and sugar in a high-glide formula that buffs off old cells to improve skin tone and texture. Skin looks brighter after the first use—and with regular exfoliation, you can help maintain that glow. For face or body, this jar of joy does double duty for your skin. Wet it down for more sensitive skin before applying. Wonderful before shaving too, guys!

Craving a daily cleanser with skin brightening powers? REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash is a multi-mechanism exfoliator and is especially designed to cleanse and refine blotchy complexions. It’s all about the Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which effectively loosen and sweep away dulling, dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant-looking you.

Ready to amp up your anti-aging skincare routine? REDEFINE AMP MD features a non-invasive micro-exfoliating roller clinically tested to boost your REDEFINE results for a visibly firmer, more youthful-looking appearance.

Exfoliation offers a simple way to help your skin look like it’s younger than its years. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter and PM me to find the perfect solution for you or you can also Find out what the Doctors recommend for your Skin!!

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HOW HOT IS IT???? I am melting in this heat, how about you??

All that sweat and resulting dehydration can wreak havoc on our skin.

Fortunately, just one minute a day for a mini-facial can leave your skin refreshed and re-hydrated.  Not ready for a full regimen?  Try any of these combos.

MIni regimens


And don’t forget the simplest thing you CAN do – drink water to replace what you have lost through perspiration and help those skin cells stay plump and moist!

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16 years and counting.  Yes, today I celebrate 16 years of marriage.

16 years ago, I donned the traditional red color, gold jewelry and had henna that covered my arms up to my elbows!!

But the ONE thing that anyone has EVER commented on every time they saw my wedding pictures including the one above, was my flawless complexion.  Would you believe it that my makeup, although done professionally, was minimal?  I did NOT want to look like a caked up doll and worry about my makeup running all over the place in the heat of summer!

The funny part was that the woman I had initially hired to do my makeup, Jyoti, ended getting shingles days before my wedding!!  I know, I was in tears.  With everything that was already going wrong, I did not want to hear this.  So she offered to send in a friend in her stead who apparently charged a lot more to do bridal makeup.  But since this was certainly not my fault, her friend Sheila, decided to do my makeup for the same price.

However, price was not my only concern!  My BIGGER concern was whether Sheila was going to do my makeup the way I wanted, which was just light coverage.  I did NOT want to touch my face and come away with streaks of makeup on my fingers instead!  Get the picture?  Anyway, long story short, Sheila did a great job!  I still get compliments that I still look just as I did 16 years ago.

But do you know what the REAL secret behind that is?  It is caring for my skin and keeping it flawless.  Of course I have aged 16 years, but people are shocked to hear I am a mother of 3 kids and my oldest is in high school!!

So, here are my 3 simple tips to incorporate so you too can have a flawless complexion!


  • Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  Exfoliate.  I cannot stress how important this is to keep your skin regenerating new cells!  My absolute favorite?  ENHANCEMENTS Micro-dermabrasion Paste $70**.  You can read more about what some other people have to say about this paste here, here and here.Microderm


  • Use Sunscreen.  SPF yourself EVERY DAY.  As summer temperatures heat up, Rodan + Fields has you covered from head to toe with broad spectrum sunscreen products designed to do double duty – protect your skin from the sun and address your unique skin concerns.spfyourself

Find out which of these products are best suited for you by answering a few questions about your unique skin concerns.  Make sure you get the results emailed to yourself for future reference.

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Ok.  GIVEAWAY time!

In honor of my anniversary, I am giving away my absolute favorite product, the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-dermabrasion Paste ($78 value) to the first 5 people that try out these products as PREFERRED CUSTOMERS.  You only need to purchase $80 worth of product to get this awesome paste!  Please comment below with your first name and the words “REDEEM GIVEAWAY” after you have placed your order as a preferred customer.

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weddingThe hair, the makeup, the dress…your skin? That’s right, whether you’re the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or a VIP guest, you want your skin to be as smooth and flawless as the wedding. But how do you get your complexion to say “I do” for the big day too?

Achieving a radiant, wedding-worthy complexion can be a time investment, so start as early as you can. Introduce new skincare, from cleansers to makeup to sunless tanners, no less than a month before the date, so you can eliminate any products that trigger even the slightest irritation.

If you don’t have any complex skincare concerns, and you want smoother, softer, more even-looking skin—exfoliation is one of the safest, simplest ways to get your skin glowing. Even the best makeup won’t hide the look of uneven skin texture, so consider ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, which uses sugar and salt to gently exfoliate. You can start using it up to one week before the wedding to remove old, built-up skin cells and allow younger, more vibrant cells to appear on the surface—and skin looks brighter after just one use.

Don’t exfoliate if you have a skin concern like adult acne. Instead consider the UNBLEMISH Regimen, which targets blemishes and works to prevent future breakouts. If you’ve developed brown spots from sun exposure or hyper-pigmentation, the REVERSE Regimen helps to visually brighten and even skin tone. (You might even get away with wearing less makeup.) When it comes to skincare, the most impressive results are seen over time, so plan accordingly. If the event is less than a month away, our cardinal rule is to only stick with products that are currently compatible (or are extremely gentle) with your skin.

What should you avoid? In the last four weeks, don’t even consider in-office dermatological procedures (like chemical peels or laser treatments). Resist any last-minute temptations to try new products or treatments. Keep up your natural glow by staying hydrated and moisturizing skin. Last-minute facials (except gentle exfoliation) are off limits, as are touching, picking or squeezing, which can all irritate skin. Finally, avoid unnecessary stress and over-cleansing which can cause breakouts.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, wear a wide-brimmed hat (unless you’re the bride) and apply your sunscreen (try it in advance so you can find a formula that works with your makeup).

Ultimately, through thick and thin, your skin is with you for life—so be good to it always.

Find out what the Doctors recommend for your Skin!!

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